With twenty years experience behind it, Stemau Srl was founded in 1985 and began operating as a company specialising in machinery for the cold press moulding and sheet metal processing sector.

What we do

  • Sales
  • Retrofitting
  • Assistance
  • Design
Stemau Srl - About us


We oversee the sales process from the initial contact with the client right though to the commissioning of the machine and the start of the production cycle. It is always rewarding to us to see how a machine or production line suggested by us can improve production performance for our clients. We can offer you a machine that you may already have in mind or a solution based on the product that you need to create, which is what we like to do most.


Our company also carries out the retrofitting of used machines.

Retrofitting consists in carrying out a mechanical inspection of the machine by disassembling its major parts, updating it electronically to meet current standards and repainting it.

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After sales? You are never left on your own.
Our assistance network is always on hand so that you are never left on your own.

  • Replacement parts? Available from stock
  • Assistance with electronics? Available!
  • Mechanical Assistance? Available!
  • Assistance with hydraulics? Available!

All of it within 24 hours.


This is the activity that is at the heart of creating any type of complex object, be it material or simply conceptual.

It is a process that, through the use of relevant standards and techniques, calculations, specifications and drawings, determines the processes required for producing an item, a building, a component part, a piece of equipment, a product or a service.

Can we do it more simply? Give us the pieces that you want to create and we will study it and advise you how best to produce it!

We purchase machinery

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Send us your proposal. We will study it and send you our offer.

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