Customised mechanical presses

Stemau makes available to its customers the possibility of being able to proceed with the purchase of customised mechanical presses, with mechanical details capable of guaranteeing the achievement of high performance levels.

The mechanical presses are, in fact, used within different fields of application including the engineering, food and automotive sector.

Our custom service includes the application of optional devices  to increase the performance of the customer’s machinery and to make it perfectly capable of performing special types of processing. Our solutions include, for example, the installation of the numerical control on the machine that is used to store all the parameters, the installation of photocells  or ball guides, roller brackets and locks that facilitate the assembly of the moulds.

We also deal with the execution of revamping and upgrading of the press processes, increasing its performance and guaranteeing processing with higher degrees of precision and in perfect compliance with the national regulations currently in force.

If you are looking for a company that is active nationwide with complete sales, customisation and maintenance services relating to mechanical presses, contact us for further information.  We will provide you with the assistance you need.


Revamping and upgrading of machines

In addition to sales and maintenance services, we are active with revamping and upgrading services for the machines used for cold forming and sheet metal processing.

Revamping is, in fact, a the set of operations useful to regenerate a machine from a technical point of view by replacing the components that have become damaged or worn, extending the life of the system by a few more years.

For complete revamping, the general performance of the system is checked with the use of disassembly and technical testing of the individual components. The replacement of components takes place with the aim of restoring performance levels as similar as possible to the initial ones.

The set of all operations aimed at achieving adequate levels of performance are extremely complex and for this reason must be carried out by a team of professional technicians.


Professional, tailor-made and rapid interventions

Our revamping and upgrading interventions aim to provide professional, tailor-made and rapid support.

Each system has, in fact, its own characteristics that must always be taken into consideration before carrying out any Maintenance, whether scheduled or special.

By choosing our team of technicians, you will receive completely tailor-made services, tailored to your specific needs and in perfect line with the productivity standards you would like to achieve. In fact, we offer you custom solutions with the aim of improving the performance of your system with and your entire production process.

Contact us to find out more and request the technical advice of our specialists.  We will be at your complete disposal.