Mechanical press sales: the right dealer

Stemau srl provides its customers with a wide range of mechanical presses acting as official dealer of the leading brands in the sector, active on the market at national level.

We deal with the sale of C-Frame and Straight Side Eccentric mechanical presses for sheet metal forming even with large loads. We have both new and second-hand mechanical presses, guaranteeing their perfect working conditions and the achievement of high performance levels.

Owning within your own workshop perfectly functional mechanical presses and having the necessary power to support even higher loads and in line with your production needs is essential to perform a variety of extremely precise and defined types of processing, useful for the efficient production of components.

If you are looking for an official national dealer of the best brands of mechanical presses on the market, contact us to find out more and discover the total cost.  We will provide you with the assistance you need at every stage of the purchase process.

vendita-pressa meccanica-a-collo-di-cigno

C-Frame Mechanical Presses

C-frame mechanical presses are commonly used to perform mechanical processing of small-medium orders involving small dimensions. Their “C” structure, in fact, allows you to perform interventions that require access to the machinery also from both lateral ends of the work area. Visit our dedicated section to discover our sales service for C-Frame presses.

Straight Side Eccentric Presses

Straight side eccentric mechanical presses have vertical uprights or housings with flat, smooth sides, which generally enclose the sides of the mould housing slides. Thanks to their structural characteristics, they are very robust machines that guarantee the achievement of high performanceVisit our dedicated section and discover our sales service for this type of press.


Guaranteed performance and productivity

The use of a mechanical press is absolutely essential for the performing of different types of processing within a given workshop and for this reason it is necessary to use leading manufacturers’ brands within the sector, synonymous with efficiency and quality.

By choosing our sales service for new and second-hand mechanical presses, you will receive the guarantee of the purchase of sheet metal processing machines that are capable of reaching the degree of performance in perfect line with your production parameters.

We guarantee fully functional machinery that is compliant with the EC regulations currently in force. By taking advantage of our design, assistance and retrofitting skills, you will receive a general check with the complete disassembly of the main parts and, if necessary, you will be able to benefit from the set of operations we offer that are meant for achieving electronic adaptation in full compliance with the most current regulations, combined with total repainting. In particular, in the case of retrofitting operations, we guarantee new cutting-edge technologies in order to guarantee compliance with the required quality standards.


Use serious and professional dealers

We are official dealers of the best brands of mechanical presses on the market, synonymous with high quality and efficiency. Stemau is therefore a point of reference for the purchase of mechanical presses of different types with different powers and speeds to guarantee the execution of the working processes you need.

We provide our customers with mechanical presses, whether they are C-Frame or Straight Side Eccentric, previously tested by our team of experts, offering you safe, reliable and professional machinery for mechanical processing. Our catalogue contains machine tools for sheet metal cold forming of different brands and of different types with advantageous prices, able to satisfy every processing requirement.

Contact us to find out more.  Choosing to use on our sales service, you will receive a complete assistance service with a technical inspection of each component from a technical, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic point of view.