Pneumatic clutches for industrial presses

The correct functioning of industrial machines such as mechanical presses and other tooling machines depends significantly on the performance of their individual components.

For this reason, it is necessary to use mechanical spare parts from leading brands in the mechanical industry sector. By choosing from our vast assortment of mechanical spare parts, you will be offered specific components with high levels of performance.

Within our range of spare parts, you will find, among others, rotary joints for presses and complete clutch/brake transmission units, both pneumatically and hydraulically operated.

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Mechanical components for industrial applications

The transmission groups are configured as extremely useful mechanisms for the correct operation of industrial machines of different types and therefore, find application within different machines and in equally different sectors.

The mechanical transmission components in question such as the clutch/brake unit contribute decisively to the performing of different activities within sectors such as automatic machines present on several levels including automotive, food, automation and hydraulics.


Choose professional spare parts

Stemau srl offers spare parts solutions from leading brands of the sector and present on the Italian market.

By relying on our vast assortment of spare parts, you can take advantage of mechanical components that can guarantee high performance levels and contribute decisively to the correct functioning of the entire industrial system for cold forming or for other types of sheet metal processing.

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