Safety solenoid valves

We operate in the resale of safety solenoid valves, pneumatic solenoid valves and control solenoid valves of the best brands on the market for application on industrial presses.

In particular, we promote the brand HERION, which is characterised by its degree of safety. The solenoid valves of the HERION XSZ series, double-bodied and auto-monitored, in fact, guarantee adequate support in the event of emergency stops and accidents: activating them in advance, they are able to protect the customer’s devices and maintain the required level of productivity.

We have a vast range of spare parts for mechanical presses such as solenoid valves, pneumatic clutches and photocells that guarantee maintaining of the same level of performance.

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XSZ series double body safety valves

The XSZ valve range includes both 3/2 and 5/2 way pneumatic or solenoid operated valves. Both models offer intrinsic safety with no residual pressure, as well as dynamic self-control and rapid discharge capability. The pneumatically operated models integrate seamlessly into two-hand control systems, thus meeting the requirements of the DIN EN 574 and DIN EN ISO 13849 standards.

The HERION XSZ safety valves are available with the following options:

  • damping unit;
  • soft starter unit;
  • soft braking unit;
  • threaded or flanged safety silencers;
  • fault signalling device.

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