Trading of mechanical presses plus other services

Stemau is a leading company in the sector with trading, servicing, customisation and after-sales assistance services.

We have a wide range of mechanical presses of different types and belonging to the major brands in the sector, synonymous with quality and reliability such as the Sangiacomo presses. We trade in both new and second-hand mechanical presses, guaranteeing you the adoption of perfectly operating systems and optimally suited to your production line.

We perform the mechanical, electronic and hydraulic servicing of press systems of different types, even manufactured prior to 1995 (i.e. without  EC conformity).

We also customise entire systems with the application of special devices capable of enhancing their operation such as installation of the numerical control, the machine for the inclination of the press with customised degrees according to requirements or devices capable of facilitating adjustment of the distance between the table and the motorised hammer.

Last but not least, our after-sales service, with the assistance of a team of specialist technicians, is able to identify the problem quickly and find the solution that best suits your needs, restoring correct operation of the system.

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Servicing and overhauling

Our technical overhaul service includes a procedure capable of responding to the needs of a mechanical, electronic and hydraulic overhaul of the entire system, offering a complete solution that meets the needs of each customer and supporting them in maintaining the system in a perfect condition.

After- sales assistance

Our after-sales service is designed to offer our customers adequate support for each type of press, organising the use of a team of highly qualified technicians and a set of cutting-edge equipment, ensuring the guarantee of interventions performed with extreme skill and professionalism.


Our customisation service involves the implementation of all the interventions necessary for the adoption of a machine that is completely in line with the required productivity standards. It includes the application of optional accessories that successfully increase the performance of the customer’s machinery, making it perfectly capable of performing specific types of processing.


Our turnkey systems are made of cutting-edge machinery and are able to perform even more specific processing such as sheet metal deformation and cutting, allowing access to a vast range of presses and moulds for professional moulding lines and perfectly in line with your production processes.

Choose real professionals in the sector

By choosing our wide range of services, you can take advantage of the assistance provided by a team of experts that is able to identify the system solution that best suits your needs.

In fact, we offer you a wide range of machinery to choose from, both new and second-hand, offering you a wide range of turnkey production systems.

Our wide range of tailor-made services aims at offering the right support to every customer who decides to use our ‘know-how’, offering them customised solutions and tailor-made support. We offer  services for every type of press, guaranteeing the adoption of perfectly functioning machinery capable of supporting the pace of your production line.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with extremely safe, professional moulding and sheet metal processing machinery from the best brands in the industry, contact us by filling out our form.  We will provide you with the assistance you need.