Mechanical press servicing

In addition to the sales services of mechanical presses, Stemau provides its customers with a mechanical overhaul service managed by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Our technical overhaul service refers not only to the mechanical components of the machinery in question but also includes an electronic and hydraulic overhaul of the entire system, offering a complete overhaul service capable of meeting the needs of each customer.

We also provide a periodic and extraordinary maintenance service, arranging the sale and replacement of mechanical components  that are perfectly in line with the destination system.

If you are looking for a leading company in the sector that is able to guarantee you the assistance you need to keep your mechanical presses in perfect working order, contact us to find out about our services, request a quote and trust the professionalism of the our team.  We will be at your complete disposal.


How our servicing takes place

The operations that contribute to the implementation of our servicing process are carried out with extreme expertise by a team of qualified technicians, able to perform professional, functional and rapid mechanical, electronic and hydraulic checks. The correct execution of this procedure consists of the disassembly of the individual components to carry out a relative precise check of all the items that compose it. In this way, you can proceed with any replacement or repair procedures for worn out or damaged parts.

Our routine or special maintenance, overhaul and assistance services are carried out in full compliance with the relevant legislation in force, guaranteeing the execution of procedures with attention to every detail and in perfect harmony with your systems.

Thanks to the experience gathered within the sector, we are in fact able to carry out these interventions on any type of mechanical press, offering you a wide range of safe and complete services.


Choose industry professionals

The overhaul and maintenance operations are essential to keep your systems in perfect working order.  For this reason, they must be carried out by a team of expert and qualified technicians.

By using our nationally active services managed by qualified professionals in the sector, you will receive a reliable service with attention to every detail and in complete compliance with the customer’s needs, providing for the supply of safe and fully operational systems.

Our goal is in fact to provide you with an extremely targeted and precise service plan to guarantee you the implementation of interventions capable of safeguarding the correct running of your systems.

Contact us to find out more.  Filling out our form, you can receive consultancy and a detailed quote from our team.  We will provide you with the technical assistance you need.