Spare parts for industrial presses

Having the possibility to rely on a company with a wide range of mechanical spare parts for your industrial machinery is essential to prevent the occurrence of major faults and to replace the various components of the press or of another type of industrial machine in a targeted and professional manner.

For this reason, we provide our customers with a wide range of mechanical spare parts of different types and of equally different brands. In this way, we are able to meet the needs of all our customers, offering the possibility to find the right spare part at the right time and to intervene in targeted  and rapid manner to safeguard the conditions of the entire system, limiting the occurrence of major damage.

We have a vast range of spare parts for industrial mechanical presses, of the best brands of the sector on the Italian market, guaranteeing the use of metal items with attention to every single detail and able to increase the performance of your systems.

If you are looking for a company that can offer  the design, installation, maintenance and sales services of turnkey systems as well as mechanical components with  a positive impact on your entire production line, then look no further.


Pneumatic clutches

By choosing from our vast range of mechanical spare parts, you will have at your complete disposal specific components capable of guaranteeing high levels of performance. Within our range of spare parts, you will find, among others, rotary joints for presses and complete clutch/brake transmission units, both pneumatically and hydraulically operated.

Safety solenoid valves

We are active in the resale of safety solenoid valvespneumatic solenoid valves and control solenoid valves of the best brands on the market for application on industrial presses. We offer a vast range of spare parts for mechanical presses such as solenoid valves, pneumatic clutches and photocells that guarantee continuity of  performance.

Photocells for presses

The protection devices strictly related to the use of industrial machinery are configured as fundamental elements for the correct execution of the individual processes in total safety. By using our safety devices for industrial machines, you will have the opportunity to use photocells with laser technology  of the best brands in the sector, synonymous with quality and professionalism.


Professionalism at your service

Our company is a reliable, serious and professional enterprise, working with prominent brand partners within the mechanical sector.

We are constantly committed to finding new solutions that can meet the needs of each customer. For this reason, we have a large range of items and mechanical components of different types to adapt effectively to any type of industrial system, whether it is a mechanical press or another type of system suitable for sheet metal processing.

Opting for our services, you will receive step-by-step assistance to accompany you from the first purchase to the final start-up of the line. Each of our services is carefully planned based on the characteristics of your system.

Contact us to find out more, discover our services and receive a detailed quote.  We will provide you with the support you need.