Straight Side Eccentric Presses

Straight side eccentric mechanical presses represent tooling machinery with very robust structures with essential lines but with a high structural rigidity. A press of this type resembles, in fact, as a large-sized processing machine, especially with reference to the work surfaces and the passages between the uprights.

The structure of these mechanical presses can be monolithic or modular with a force that varies between 800kN and 10000kN. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for sheet metal forming and shearing in off-centre loading situations.

The peculiarity of this machine is, in fact, contained in the adoption of vertical uprights or housings consisting of flat and smooth sides, sometimes also vertical. These housings enclose the left and right sides of the mould space.

They can be divided into three categories: classic-fixed stroke kinematics, automatic stroke transmission and link drive. In particular, the straight side eccentric presses with automatic stroke transmission are highly versatile, thereby allowing the use of different moulds through the adoption of the different selectable strokes and the level of simplicity of the variation. Those fitted with classic-fixed stroke kinematics, instead, are equipped with regular connecting rod-crank kinematics which makes it easy to assemble them, which in turn is synonymous with reliability and easy maintenance.

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IMV T200
  • Marca: IMV GALLI
  • Modello: DF20CL
  • Tonnellaggio: 200 Ton.
  • Potenza: Ton. 200

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In our catalogue, mechanical presses are available with a variable tonnage of between 200 tons and 315 tons, both new and second-hand.

Also for this type of mechanical presses, we provide a complete assistance service with highly qualified personnel who will support the customer from the first contact to the commissioning of the machine itself. Our mechanical presses are also available under conditions of sale, design and retrofitting with the addition of new technologies to achieve the quality standards suitable for an entire redevelopment of the machine.

All brands resold by Stemau are perfectly compliant with the needs of energy saving and eco-sustainability, guaranteeing you the adoption of machinery capable of reaching high levels of performance in accordance with your production rate.

We provide our customers with a service for the sale of straight side eccentric mechanical presses of the best brands on the market at national level and at competitive prices, offering you processing machines for tools that are able to achieve professional and precise processing down to the smallest detail.

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