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Technological excellence for maximum efficiency

Second-hand presses

Technological excellence for maximum efficiency

Mechanical presses: choose professionals

For over 30 years, we have been the points of reference for workshops and companies operating within the mechanical sector. We enable you to offer tailor-made services and receive the support you deserve.

For this purpose, we use the best brands in the industry, synonymous with professionalism and quality, offering you a varied comprehensive range of products so you can find the most suitable solution for your production requirements. We sell mechanical presses and machine tools for sheet metal cold forming and for the execution of different types of metal processing. Within our catalogue, you will find both new and second-hand machines: both in perfect condition and in complete compliance with the relevant legal regulations in force.

We also provide our customers with a spare parts and servo device/control device service to successfully enhance the performance level of your industrial machines.

By choosing to use our team of experts, you can receive a full assistance service: from the first contact with our sales designers to the actual start-up of the production line.

Contact us to find out more, discover the products in our catalogue and use our services.  We will be at your complete disposal.

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C-Frame Mechanical Presses

The C-frame mechanical presses are configured as small and medium-sized machines. They are used to perform different types of mechanical processing, in particular the bending, shearing and moulding in manual or in automatic cycle of components and mechanical parts.


Straight Side Eccentric Presses

Straight side eccentric presses are processing machines for tools with very robust structures with essential lines but with high structural rigidity. They are particularly suitable for sheet metal forming and cutting in off-centre loading situations.

Our Second-Hand Machines

Maximum production efficiency

Our services


Overhauling and Servicing

The operations that contribute to the performing of our servicing process are carried out with extreme expertise by a team of qualified technicians, able to perform professional, functional and rapid mechanical, electronic and hydraulic controls.



Our assistance service is designed to offer you cutting-edge support for each type of press by a highly skilled technical team and through a set of state-of-the-art equipment, offering you the guarantee of careful and professional interventions.



Our custom service includes the application of optional devices designed to increase your machinery performance, in order to carry out the types of processing you have in mind, thus increasing the performance of your machinery.


Turnkey systems

Our turnkey systems are cutting-edge machinery. They are able to perform even the most demanding processings such as sheet metal deformation and cutting, allowing you to access a wide range of presses and moulds.

Herion solenoid valves ready in stock

Servo devices/control devices

Our mechanical interlocks are of the best brands on the market and lend themselves to different applications to achieve high performance levels, ensuring compliance with established production standards, also ideal for retrofitting procedures.


Spare parts

We have a vast range of spare parts for industrial mechanical presses. They are of the best brands of the sector on the Italian market, and guarantee the use of metal items with attention to every single detail and able to increase the performance of your systems.

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