Sale of industrial presses

Having available mechanical components capable of raising the level of performance of your systems and of your entire production process is crucial for every company, regardless of the sector it belongs to.

Stemau offers its customers a sales service of presses of the best Italian brands on the market. Among our main brands, the following stand out: Sangiacomo PresseLegnani PresseMios Presse and IMV Presse.

In addition to these Italian excellences in the field of mechanical presses, we also offer machines by the best manufacturers  in the sector  for the creation of additional components and mechanisms that contribute to the correct functioning of the entire system such as OmpiElmea and Lantek, which we turn to for mechanical spare parts as they are are synonymous with quality and professionalism.

If you are looking for a company that is able to offer you a sales service for mechanical presses and spare parts of the best brands, offering you the guarantee of high performance, then look no further.


Our brands


A vast assortment at your disposal

Choosing the right brand for your system is essential  when you are looking for reliable and  professional machinery which improves the quality  and the speed of your production process.

We provide our customers with a vast range of mechanical presses and metal components  from leading companies of the national market.

In fact, we use the best manufacturer of the mechanical industry to guarantee the delivery of fully performing systems which are able to ensure a positive impact on your entire production system, offering you the edge you need.

We have a vast range of mechanical presses of different types and brands.  In this way, we stand by your side as a reference point with a wide choice from which to choose the components that will improve the your production line, helping you to achieve the levels of quality and productivity you want.


Choose the best brands in the industry

By relying on our sales, design and installation services for turnkey systems, you will enjoy the best brands in the sector with mechanical and electronic avant-garde solutions and in perfect line with your production needs.

We offer services with attention to the smallest details, with the use of components from the best brands in the sector and present on the Italian market. Counting on robust partnerships, we provide our customers with services that are perfectly in line with their productivity needs, offering them the appropriate support in every situation.

If you are looking for a company willing to help you achieve  high productivity standards, choose our services. We will offer you the support you need.